I am always put off by websites that don’t show prices, I tend to avoid asking for a price in case it is embarrassingly high and results in an inbox full of spam or annoying phone calls chasing me for business. Rest assured I will not spam you. 

Obviously it is hard to give an estimate of what it will cost to restore a microscope without seeing it, fine focus mechanisms in particular can vary a lot. However, in most cases I will be able to give you a fairly good idea of the work involved and cost if you send me some good, in-focus pictures with an honest description of the microscope and any problems it might have. Don’t worry if you can’t send pictures, just email a description of your microscope or phone for a chat.  I particularly enjoy working on microscopes which are in very bad condition and decisions are often easier where there is serious damage.

Cleaning and Servicing

cleaning and servicing



polishing of paintwork

It is unlikely that I will come across any major, unforeseen problems whilst restoring your microscope, but if I do, I will discuss them with you before starting the work so there will be no unexpected extra charges.